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Are You Looking to Hire Out Your Campervan for Weddings?

Do you think your campervan would make the perfect carriage for a couple on their special day? One of our community members Nathalie Selvon-Bruce from Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers has lots of experience hiring out her beautiful VW campervans for weddings, and has kindly shared her top tips for making the most out of wedding hire!

If you would like to learn more about Buttercup Bus’s campervan car wedding services, you can visit their website.

Classic campervans have been a popular mode of wedding transport for many years, as couples have steered away from tradition, finding something packed with personality to bring smiles all round, on their big day. 

Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers have been hiring campervan wedding car services for over a decade to couples getting married across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London. It has been one heck of a journey, with so many fun memories along the way… If you are looking to hire out your campervan for weddings, then here are some useful tips they have to share:

Before looking to take on any wedding car work with your campervan, it is important to make sure that you have the correct insurance. 

There are two ways that you can hire your campervan for weddings: 

Wedding campervan hire with driver

If hiring your campervan with a driver, you will need the appropriate Hire and Reward vehicle insurance set up. Some of these policies are based on you doing a capped number of wedding bookings a year, or they may offer the flexibility to take on as many bookings as you wish.  

If hiring your campervan with a driver for weddings, you may also choose to extend this service for funeral transport. However, please note that other excursions such as proms, birthday outings, cinema trips etc are not allowed unless you are have the required Private Hire licenses.  

Wedding campervan hire on a self-drive basis 

The alternative is to offer your campervan on a self-drive hire basis, which is perfectly acceptable, if your hirer fits the insurance criteria and would like to drive the campervan themselves for a prom/wedding or another event. It is important to note that self-drive hire requires a different kind of insurance cover, which you could get through the Just Kampers website. 

You might need to work on weekends 

Whilst an increasing number of weddings seem to be taking place mid-week, prime dates tend to fall on a Saturday from Spring through to early Autumn. Many weddings are booked well in advance, with lead times often over 12 months. This requires forwards planning, especially if offering a driver service. 

If you are not sure if you can commit, for example, a bank holiday weekend Saturday over a year away, then it might be worth having trusted contingency drivers insured and trained to drive your campervan.   

How to showcase your campervan for wedding bookings 

There are various ways that you can advertise your campervan as a wedding car, and it is certainly important to have an online presence. Typical ways to reach wedding planning couples include: 

  • Having a website 
  • Having social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram and keeping them up to date 
  • Listing on intermediary platforms such as wedding car hire booking sites 
  • Advertising on wedding blogs and in wedding magazines 
  • Attending wedding fairs
  • Building relationships with local wedding venues, and listing in their brochures etc 

It is important to consider the geographic catchment area you want to cover, and to reflect this in your advertising. 

How to take the best images of your campervan for wedding bookings

Having beautiful images of your campervan will go a long way to securing interest from clients. These can feature on your website, social media and other marketing platforms. 

It is important to keep your images fresh, so that they properly reflect the way the vehicle looks. For example if you have made any changes to the colour, wheels or interior, these should be reflected in your imagery. 

Getting professional photographs through collaborating with other wedding industry professionals in styled shoots is a great way to capture images, or perhaps you are a bit nifty at photography yourself. Remember to seek permission to post any images, crediting the photographer if it was a collaboration. If the photo has real people in the picture (for example a wedding couple), you should confirm that they are happy for you to use their photos for promotional purposes. 

Offering more than just a wedding car service 

There are many extras that can be offered with a campervan wedding car, to make your service extra special. Some examples include: 

  • Ribbons on the front of the campervan (perhaps tailored the couple’s choice in colour) 
  • Flower garlands, perhaps displayed on the front bumper or interior
  •  Cushions and any other interior décor to give your campervan that special touch! 
  • A hamper basket with refreshments (be careful of alcohol licensing laws if considering champagne). 
  • A tailored music playlist (do check the music license requirements for this first, though, through PPL and PRS!) 

Seating capacity for the wedding party

The wedding party can often be made up of a lot of Bridesmaids or Groomsmen. It is important to specify how many people you can legally transport in your vehicle and to know the child seat rules. These questions crop up quite a lot and you don’t want to be caught out! 

Booking forms and terms 

If providing a service, you will need to make sure that you capture all the information that you need for the day – such as the times and addresses. You may want to create a booking form. Alongside this, a contract for your services. 

Route planning 

You may find that you have been booked to travel to a location that you have never visited before. Timing is everything with wedding bookings – so you want to plan plenty of contingency time into your journey (based on travelling at campervan speed). It might be worth doing a test drive to the area, to familiarise yourself with the route. Keep an eye on your preferred online maps service on the morning of your booking, to give you the best chance of avoiding any delays through traffic. 

There are so many thing you can do to build up your wedding car business, getting your campervan out on the road for people to enjoy on their special day. 

Wedding trends have changed dramatically over the years, from style of venue and décor to wedding transport. Weddings are often themed around meaningful elements, specific to the couple getting married – and a campervan has become a popular vehicle to incorporate into the day. 

The potential for even more change is on the horizon, as we await the Law Commission’s report with recommendations to the Government later this year,  on a change in the law to allow couples a greater choice of meaningful locations to get married. This could lead to a greater variety of outdoor venues – and I can think of no better choice of transport to access these locations than a classic campervan. 

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