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Cleaning your campervan rental before return

After having a brilliant time with your campervan rental, the hardest part is returning your temporary home on wheels back to its loving owners. Although the campervan owners will definitely want to hear about all the fun you had on your holiday, the van itself should be as neat and presentable as it was when you picked it up. This will not only help the final checks run quickly and smoothly, but also ensure that both your and the campervan owner’s hire experience is enjoyable and problem free from start to finish.

Here are Just Kampers Hire recommendations for cleaning your campervan on return, making it spick-and-span for its next adventure!

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Give all the surfaces a wipe down

The majority of owners will supply you with cleaning products for the campervan rental so that you can use them during your trip. Make sure to clean all of the surfaces with disinfectant and antibacterial wipes, remembering to give any extra furnishings a wipe too, such as fold away tables, chairs and cool boxes.

You will also want to pay extra attention to other contactable surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear stick, door handles and the van’s console.

Discard all of your rubbish

The last thing that a campervan owner wants to do is tidy up after you on return! Discard all rubbish that’s left in the campervan before you set off, double checking cupboards and underneath mattresses and sofa cushions. If you’ve been staying at a campsite, you’re likely to find recycling bins on site or in the nearby area.

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Empty the fridge

Once you’ve eaten everything you can from the fridge, make sure you discard of any leftovers. After emptying it, give the shelves, door and icebox a wipe down.

Sweep the floors

As previously mentioned, the campervan owners are likely to have left you a dust pan and brush, broom, hoover or mop to give the floors a good final clean. Put them to good use before you return your campervan rental and make sure any sand, dirt or pet hair is cleaned out.

Strip the bedding

If the campervan owner has provided you with bedding for your holiday, they will appreciate you stripping the bedding down so they can easily clean it for their next guests.

Remove any trace of pets

If you’ve had a furry friend join you on your camper adventure, just be aware that any hair will need to be removed from the campervan and accessories.

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You don’t need to be (or hire) a cleaning pro!

When you return the campervan rental back to the owner, they are not going to expect the world! As long as you’ve taken the time cleaning and have emptied your rubbish and cleaned the surfaces so that it’s in the same condition that you found it in, they will be happy. Spending money on a professional cleaner or carrying out a really deep clean yourself won’t be necessary, unless the campervan owner has clearly specified this to you before your holiday.