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From Our Community of Owners: Peter's Campervan Story

Peter is one of our individual van listers who has lived and breathed everything to do with campervans for as long as he can remember. He graciously decided to share his #vanlife story with us at the Just Kampers Hire community and tell us all about how his love for campervans began, and what he’s most looking forward to from his JKH journey.

Can you remember when your love for campervans began?

I’ve been into VWs since I was a young teenager working in a local garage which specialised in restoring and modifying old beetles. Ever since the first Volksworld Show that I attended in 1995, I have loved the scene that surrounds it. My interest for anything involving the outdoors such as camping , surfing and relaxing on the beach, grew off the back of this too!

Where in the UK do you live and what are your favourite things about living there?

I live in Essex, near London, and love that we have loads of great forests to explore on our doorstep. We also have the coast just over half an hour away, which is brilliant to drive to with the van, park up and have a picnic. 

Who are you sharing your rental journey with?

Cookie the Camper is a family project really as the kids love meeting the people that come and hire the camper.   

What made you buy Cookie the Camper?

I grew up loving the camping lifestyle and bought our camper in 2015 after renting a van the year before. We decided that we wanted a vehicle to travel around the country to the VW Shows, Music Festivals, Campsites and Beaches. 

Can you tell us a little bit about Cookie the Camper?

Cookie is a 1990 South African T3 Caravelle which has had a mini camper conversion and she sleeps 2-3 people. We also have a detachable awning which allows for up to 4 people comfortably.

She is an ideal camper for anyone looking for a cosy van and has all the amenities you would want and need on your staycation or roadtrip. These include a comfy bed, cooker, cool box fridge and awning. If guests wanted a couple of nights away from the van, maybe to try some wild camping, she also includes all the equipment they would need to do this.

What made you want to hire out your campervan?

After spending the best part of 5 years travelling around the UK in the camper, we decided to buy a bigger vehicle, a T5 Caravelle, to accommodate our expanding family. I didn’t want to sell our old camper and renting it out felt like a good option, so we took the plunge! This helped us to pay for its up-keep and also let others enjoy the experience of everyone waving and smiling when you drive by.

How often are you hoping to rent out your camper for?

Over the past year or so, we have rented out the van around 4 to 5 times a year for weekends and weeks away to pay for the upkeep costs. So this would be a good starting point!  

What attracted you to list your campervan on Just Kampers Hire?

The fact that I trust Just Kampers as a brand, who have been in business for over 30 years, and know that they care for all of their customers and their campers. 

How do you plan on welcoming your guests?

We always make sure that the guests have a choice of what CDs they want on their journey to make there hire one to remember!  

Do you have any top tips for a customer’s first campervan holiday?

Make sure that you book a campsite with an electric hook up so that you can have some home comforts. If you are like me you’ll appreciate full battery on your phone and a cold beer! 

What do you think renters will most enjoy about Cookie the Camper?

People love Cookie the Camper for its looks, but it is also easy to drive! It is an automatic vehicle so will sit at 60 mph on the roads quite happily which, in comparison to my old bay window who would only manage 25 MPH up the hills, this is a triumph!   

Do you have a favourite campsite or road trip itinerary that you would recommend to your customers?

We love exploring camp sites local to us in Essex, but also enjoy visiting Cornwall for its beaches. The beauty of having a campervan when you have a young family is that it doesn’t matter where you are as long as there is space to run around, build dens and have a campfire. Open space and being outdoors is all we need to relax.

Do you have any final words of wisdom for the Just Kampers Hire community?

If you’re unsure about hiring a van then I’d encourage you to go for it. It can be daunting at first to drive a different vehicle, and of course there are challenges (like working out how to put the bed away!). But once you sit with your feet on the grass, around a fire with a cold one in your hand you‘ll soon fall in love with the lifestyle and never look back!