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How to (Almost) Wild Camp in England

You’re planning to rent a campervan and dreaming of hitting the open road, slowing down a little, getting away from the crowds, going where the day takes you and reconnecting with nature.

But then you find yourself in a busy campsite with kids, dogs and activity all around you, you spend half your evening finding a campsite for your next night and plan your route around it who and where has space. Maybe not quite the relaxing getaway you were hoping for..

In the UK wildcamping is illegal, however there are some ways to (almost) wild camp without breaking any laws and still having the more unique, peaceful experience you crave.

Wild Camping – Image by @isr4el via Twenty20

Here’s a few ways how:

Brit Stops

With over 1000 hosts happy to provide a safe environment for campervan and motorhome travellers to park up for the night free of charge, the Brit Stops guide is becoming the new UK roadtrip bible.

These aren’t campsites so there are no facilities or electric hookups and you can’t book a pitch but you get a unique place to park up and rest for the night completely free of charge.

Most places featured in the guide will have farm goods, supplies or products available to buy, so show your gratitude and spend some of the money you’ve saved and splash out on some of the local goods availor services available to purchase/ the money you’ve saved

Wild With Consent

The ultimate way to get a peaceful night and some time to yourself, Wild With Consent never allows two visitors on the same sight on the same night, so you have a truly wild camping experience with owners consent.

All the sites have full permissions from the landowners and have been hand-picked and explored by the team behind the website. They pride themselves on only choosing the most secluded, tranquil sights.

Find your perfect spot in 3 easy steps: Browse the locations available on their website, contact Wild with Consent to book and you’ll receive the exact location via What3Words.

Wild Roe Dee in the British Countryside – Image by @tonyr380 via Twenty20

Camp At My Place

Just like Just Kampers Hire, Camp at My Place provides the perfect platform for travellers and those looking for a little extra income to connect.

Land owners can sign up and charge a small nightly rate for campervan and motorhome owners to stay the night.

As with Brit Stops, some locations will be the carparks of pubs and other services so you may have facilities during opening times whereas others are remote and scenic fields for you to take a breath and relax in nature.

A bonus here is that you can choose the length of time you stay so you can park up and set up for a few nights and explore the area without having to worry about moving on.

Farmland in Saltburn UK – Image by @annann_9 via Twenty20

We’d love to hear your recommendations! If you’ve found other ways to get away from the crowds and camp with consent please set us know by e-mailing us at [email protected]