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VW T25 - T3 Campervan

What you need to know about a VW T25 - T3 Campervan

The VW T25 / T3 is the third generation of the VW Transporter and in Europe it is known as the Type 2 (T3). In the USA the vehicle is commonly called the ‘Eurovan’ or ‘Vanagon’. The T25 is an extremely versatile vehicle

VW T25 - T3 Campervan Features*

Release date


Year of release




Cruising Speed


Cruising Speed

Driving Difficulty


Driving difficulty



Co2 emissions

*Features are for guidance purposes only and are dependent on engine type and any customisations. Check individual listings for exact details

Frequently Asked Questions About The VW T25 - T3 Campervan

How much does it cost to hire a VW T25 - T3 Campervan?

This is available from £85.00 per day.

How many will a VW T25 - T3 Campervan sleep?

Sleeping configuration varies from a minimum of 4. Check individual listing for full details.

How easy is it to drive?

We’ve rated the T25 / T3 as medium difficulty due to it being an older vehicle. We recommend taking it on a quiet road to get used to some of the quirks of driving an older design before heading off on your trip or the motorway.

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