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VW T5.1 Campervan

What you need to know about a VW T5.1 Campervan

The VW Transporter T5.1 is the spruced up version of the well known T5. Released In 2010 its a little more chic with a change to the shape of the front end of the vehicle.


The main different is the bonnet shape and the front lights.

VW T5.1 Campervan Features*

Release date


Year of release




Cruising Speed


Cruising Speed

Driving Difficulty


Driving difficulty



Co2 emissions

*Features are for guidance purposes only and are dependent on engine type and any customisations. Check individual listings for exact details

Frequently Asked Questions About The VW T5.1 Campervan

How much does it cost to hire a VW T5.1 Campervan?

This is available from £95.73 per day.

How many will a VW T5.1 Campervan sleep?

Sleeping configuration varies from a minimum of 1. Check individual listing for full details.

Whats the difference between the VW T5 and the VW T5.1?

The main difference is the new design of the bonnet as well as the front lights.

What year was the VW T5.1 released?

The updated VW T5.1 was released in 2010.

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