When you list on Just Kampers Hire, you are in control of your pricing and can decide how much to charge for your vehicle. When you list your van we will ask you for the nightly rate you would like to charge.

All payments relating to a booking are securely managed through our website and your earnings are paid directly into the bank account that you have detailed in your profile. Payment will be made to you 48 hours after the customer collects your campervan.

How much does it cost me to list my van on Just Kampers Hire?

  • It is free to list on Just Kampers Hire
  • Commission only on confirmed bookings

We don’t charge you to list your campervan on Just Kampers Hire. You can create a free advert on our website for your camper which is then visible to the thousands of holiday makers who visit our site every week.

The only fee we will charge you is on confirmed bookings. Our commission is 10% + VAT. VAT registered businesses will receive a VAT receipt to be able to claim the tax amount back.

The Payment Process

How much can I earn by listing on Just Kampers Hire?

Earn up to 10k every year!

Your campervan can earn you up to £10k per year, after our commission.

This is based this on a comfortable 12 weeks hire of your camper, which at an average rental of £800 per week, means you could soon be earning up to £10k every year.

How do I choose the right price?

We want to help you get the most from your listing on Just Kampers Hire and never miss an opportunity.

Flexibility is key and you can change your pricing at any time for new bookings. You may find, if your vehicle isn’t renting out for as much as you'd hoped, that you want to lower the price to make your listing more competitive. Of course, if you’re getting lots of bookings, you may have the opportunity to maximise your returns and increase the nightly rate.

The below table is intended as a starting point to help you set the pricing for your vehicle.

Can I set seasonal pricing?

We recommend, to make your listing as competitive as possible and to ensure year-round bookings, that you adjust your pricing for the mid and low seasons. When creating your listing you set your high season (June – August) price and then, if you wish, offer a reduction on your nightly rate for bookings outside of these months. We recommend a 25% reduction for mid season and a 50% reduction for low season (November – March). You can easily apply these discounts with one click by choosing ‘auto-calculate’ when setting your pricing. Alternatively, you can choose your own prices for these seasons. You can alter your seasonal pricing at any time by logging in and editing your listing.

We always recommend that you should look at other listings on our site to get an understanding of the current market value and price yourself fairly and competitively to secure maximum bookings.

Here are some factors you should consider when comparing your vehicle to others on our site:

  • Booking length
    • Although not live yet, we will be introducing a new feature where you can offer a discount for longer rentals to incentivise customers to book for a longer period. Once this is live, we will notify all owners with listings on the site.
  • Age
    • The age of your vehicle could affect the price it delivers, although condition is also a very important factor to consider. Generally, younger vehicles can attract a higher price but at the other end of the scale, vintage vehicles will afford a premium as they are very desirable.
  • Vehicle type
    • As a general rule, campervans usually have a lower price, with semi-integrated vans offering a higher return and fully integrated vans delivering the highest nightly rate.
  • Sleeping berths
    • Typically, the more people your van can accommodate, the more you can ask for it.
  • Location
    • If your campervan is located in, or is close to, a tourist hotspot or area of natural beauty you could see higher demand and therefore you will be able to ask for a higher rate for your van.
  • Features and facilities
    • Vehicles that are fully kitted out and offer full comfort can get a higher price. You may choose to include all amenities, such as bed linen and tables and chairs, in your price or offer these items as additional extras for customers to add on and pay a supplement for. This feature will be added soon.
  • Insurance
    • You can charge more if using your own insurance. For campervan owners who don’t have their own insurance we automatically add insurance and breakdown cover to the customer’s total price and this is charged from £23 per night. Therefore, if your insurance already covers you for rental you might want to set a slightly higher price to reflect this included cost.
  • Ground Rules
    • If you allow travel to Europe or agree to customers taking your van to a festival, you may be able to charge more compared to vehicles that have stricter Ground Rules as you are offering greater flexibility to the customer.
  • Pet supplements
    • If your van allows pets and you would like to charge a supplement for this, we suggest an add on of £8 per night.
  • Positive reviews
    • As a new advertiser, we recommend that you start with slightly lower pricing as customers will be comparing your van to those who already have public customer reviews. As you build up your review listings, you can then start to increase your pricing accordingly to reach the level you feel is fair and achievable.

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